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Composer: Patrick Phillips
Release Date: 20-5-2019
Genre: Soundtrack

About The Project

One of the things that impacted me most about the first two seasons of “The Orville” was its epic soundtrack.

From the first few notes of the Main Title by legendary composer Bruce Broughton, to the sweeping and action oriented scores of composers Joel McNeely, John Debney and Andrew Cottee; We finally have challenging and thematic music played by an incredible orchestra on television again!

I am absolutely thrilled to be writing the score for Messy Desk Interactive‘s latest project, “The Orville | Interactive Fan Experience” Enjoy!

Selected Tracks

1. Trailer** 5:08
2. Character Selection** 2:05
3. Kaylon Corridor Attack 1:51
4. Quantum Drive 0:55
5. Shuttle Launch 1:31
6. The Sun 1:56
7. Venus 1:42