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Composer: Patrick Phillips
Release Date: 2019
Genre: Soundtrack

About The Project

In July of 2016 I began writing an original score for “Stage 9”, a detailed and fully explorable starship simulation that brought the ‘next generation’ ship to life deck by deck in a way that fans had never seen before.

In addition to being able to explore the various locations made famous by the popular series, interactive elements were also introduced, allowing the player to encounter their nemesis the Borg, trigger a warp core breach and warp to multiple star systems.

One thing that has always stood out to me about the Star Trek franchise was its incredible music. I remember rushing to buy the scores for the movies on cassette tape back in the early 1990’s. I also had the score to “Encounter at Farpoint”, (I recorded “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “Best of Both Worlds” on tape during a marathon) and listened to them until the cassette literally fell apart.

It was important to me to match the incredible work that the development team had put into the simulation’s visuals by writing a dynamic score that captured the late 1980’s early 1990’s sound and aesthetic of the series, while also paying homage to the show’s incredible composers.

Unfortunately, in September of 2018 the project, which was built by fans for fans (completely FREE) was shutdown by CBS. (Learn more here:

Here’s a bonus cue that was never heard that was written for this new menu test. 

Selected Tracks

1. Main Menu 1:16
2. Battle Stations 1:49
3. Exploring The Ship 1:20
4. Alien Encounter 1:31
5. Exploring The Ship - Worf's Quarters 2:10
6. Captain's Log 1:00
7. Exploring The Ship - Phenomena Detected 1:21
8. Resistance Is Futile 0:58
9. Welcome to Deep Space Nine 1:03
10. Set A Course - Maximum Warp! 1:06
11. Set A Course - Warp 1 2:20
12. Exploring The Main Bridge 1:09
13. Exploring The Main Shuttlebay 1:40
14. Wonderment Cue / Exploring The Ship 1:24
15. Holodeck - 1701 Enterprise Bridge 0:34
16. Holodeck - Yesterday's Enterprise - Bridge 1:05
17. The Ringed Planet 1:58
18. Borg Cube 0:47
19. Warp Core Breach! 1:00
20. Borg Encounter 2:07
21. Welcome Aboard - Beam In 0:53
22. Beam Aboard - Test Cue 0:34
23. The Defiant - Welcome 0:48
24. Enterprise In Space - Beam Aboard 1:19
25. Distress Call 0:39
26. Klingon Sonata In C# 0:46
27. Set A Course - Medium Warp 1:33
28. Stage 9 At The Disco! 1:09